Fred Cervin (1940-2013)


We mourn the loss and celebrate the life of Bioregional Group co-founder Fred Cervin, who died last week at the age of 72.
Read obituary.

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Holy Shiitake! Bioregional Mushroom-Growing Project Featured in New Haven Register

Bioregional Group members Domingo Medina and Bobcat Carruthers have been working on a shiitake mushroom-growing project! Read all about it in the New Haven Register

[Photo: New Haven Register.]

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Connecticut NOFA’s 30th Annual Winter Conference!

Don’t forget to register for CT NOFA’s 30th Annual Winter Conference, which is taking place this weekend at Manchester Community College.



Members of Transition Greater New Haven will be among the presenters.

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Fair Haven Sustainability Tour

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Fair Haven Sustainability Tour last Sunday, and thanks to Kerry Triffin of Fair Haven Furniture and Brian Driscoll of Phoenix Press for meeting with our group.



If you missed the tour, you can still check out our Fair Haven sustainability resources guide.

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Urban Oaks Organic Farm Needs Your Help

We are re-posting this notice from the newsletter of CT NOFA.


Urban Oaks Organic Farm Needs Support Following Accident

Urban Oaks is an Organic Farm in the city of New Britain.  The farm is active in the community, and boasts a CSA, farm stand, spring plant sale, and Green Faire.  They were featured in last month’s Gleanings, but we have featured them again this month in an effort to spread awareness of a recent accident at the farm. An automobile drove into the farm stand, sending the office manager to the hospital and causing extensive damage to the building. This comes hard on the heels of Hurricane Irene, making it difficult for the farm staff to clean up from the storm and to complete their harvest season.

If you think your or your organization might be able to offer support or assistance to Urban Oaks, don’t hesitate to email us here at CT NOFA or visit Urban Oaks online.

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Have You Placed Your Bulk Grain Order With Us Yet?

The deadline is coming up soon.


Please get your order in as soon as possible.

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Bioregional Garden in the Snow!

This is what the Bioregional Garden looked like after last week’s unusual October snowstorm.

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Celebrating Peter Berg in New Haven

Read Fred Cervin’s article about our recent 6th anniversary / Peter Berg Celebration.

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Did You Miss the Fair Haven Sustainability Tour?

On the tour we showcased a variety of community-based efforts to respond to some of the challenges of modern urban life and develop creative new pathways to sustainability, from school gardens to co-housing to bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure designed to make streets safe for all users. Click here for a resources guide that will give you a flavor of the tour.

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Alternative Currency Resources

Tomorrow, Friday 9/7, there will be another meeting of the Seedlets / Alternative Currency discussion group. Here are some background resources provided by the organizers:

MONEY AS DEBT This 45 minute animated video is an allegory of the creation of money, and explains in clear detail how we went from a gold standard to our current system.

ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM The first 21 minutes of this video also explains how our current system operates. You don’t gain the context of gold banking, but it’s incredibly concise.

THE MONEY FIX This video moves beyond our current system and explains money from an informational and technological standpoint. This one will get you to think about the conceptual and abstract aspects of ‘money’.

THE SECRET OF OZ This movie explains the hidden allegory of the gold and silver standards within The Wizard of Oz, and also discusses a lot of historical aspects of money.

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