Alternative Currency Resources

Tomorrow, Friday 9/7, there will be another meeting of the Seedlets / Alternative Currency discussion group. Here are some background resources provided by the organizers:

MONEY AS DEBT This 45 minute animated video is an allegory of the creation of money, and explains in clear detail how we went from a gold standard to our current system.

ZEITGEIST: ADDENDUM The first 21 minutes of this video also explains how our current system operates. You don’t gain the context of gold banking, but it’s incredibly concise.

THE MONEY FIX This video moves beyond our current system and explains money from an informational and technological standpoint. This one will get you to think about the conceptual and abstract aspects of ‘money’.

THE SECRET OF OZ This movie explains the hidden allegory of the gold and silver standards within The Wizard of Oz, and also discusses a lot of historical aspects of money.

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