A River Speaks

The New Haven Bioregional Group began in 2005 as a collaborative effort to “walk the watersheds” of the Quinnipiac Bioregion. Our intellectual and spiritual guide, Peter Berg, built the edifice of bioregionalist philosophy on the foundation of watershed-based thinking and governance. In our 15+ years of existence, we have been early and enthusiastic supporters of watershed coalitions for the West River and the Mill River, which have grown into thriving organizations that catalyze relationships across socioeconomic, racial, age, and geographic boundaries.

In “A River Speaks,” New Haven documentary filmmaker Steve Hamm has created a beautiful, deeply bioregional film that weaves together the human and natural history of one of the principal watersheds of our bioregion. It manages to be both a lyrical visual essay and a compelling, fact-filled narrative that is chock full of science, history, sociology, and philosophy. We hope you can join us for a screening and discussion with Steve for Earth Day this Saturday, April 24!

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