Bioregional Group to Help Lead Citizen Science Project

A few months ago Bioregional Group members Lynne Bonnett and Domingo Medina were invited by the Yale Peabody Museum’s EVOLUTIONS Program — an afterschool program for high school students from New Haven and West Haven — to talk about ways to understand and connect with our bioregion.

The relationship between EVOLUTIONS and the Bioregional Group has grown into a summer research project to measure mercury levels in New Haven’s airshed to get a better understanding of what mercury air emissions are like in an urban environment.  Lynne and Domingo are excited to work with the students along with the Mercury Research Lab at John Jay College and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.  It will be a unique opportunity for the students to learn about research projects on an applied environmental justice issue in New Haven and participate in all aspects of the monitoring and data collection process.

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